Improving Your Car With New Tires

Tips For Saving Money On Your Commercial Truck Tire Replacements

When it comes to investing in tires for your commercial fleet, chances are you've got a sizeable portion of your budget dedicated to it. The more your trucks are on the road, the more tires you'll go through, too. With tire costs being so significant, you're probably looking for ways to minimize your spending. Before you take chances with risky options, here are a few things to consider that will safely reduce the frequency of your new tire purchases:

Maintain Your Tires

Proper tire maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your tires. Keeping them properly inflated and inspecting them on a regular basis are a good place to start. Make sure that you factor in the ambient temperature changes as well as fluctuations in your load weights when you're thinking about the adequate pressure levels. Also, ensure that all of your tires are inflated to the same level, that way you don't face uneven wear and poor handling.

When you inspect your tires, make sure that all of the tread is wearing at the same rate. If you see excess wear on the inside edge of one tire, for example, that's an indication that your truck may be out of alignment or that tire may not be properly inflated.

Measure The Tread

If you're just going by the look of the tread to determine when you need to replace your tires, you may be spending more than you need to on replacements. Measure the tread depth with a tread gauge instead, that way you're only replacing them when they actually need it. This allows you to get the longest possible life from the tires before you replace them.

Don't Just Replace One

When you replace your tires one at a time, you will actually throw the balance off between your tires. The difference in tread depth can increase the wear on the other tires, so replace them all at once instead.

Consider Retreaded Tires

You can save a considerable amount of money if you invest in retread tires instead of buying all brand new ones. Retread tires are just as safe as brand new tires, and they meet all of the same standards set forth by the Department of Transportation. You will get all of the benefits of the new tread, without the same price tag.

Choose The Right Tires

One of the most common reasons for premature tire wear is selecting the wrong tires for your truck. Consider the average load weight of your trucks when they're hauling and ensure that every tire you buy is rated for load weights of at least that much. Ideally, you should opt for tires that are rated above that. That way, you don't have to worry about the strain on the tires due to excess weight.

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