Improving Your Car With New Tires

Two Ways To Protect Your Alloy Wheels

A nice set of alloy wheels purchased from a store like Pro Tire Ltd tire store can completely alter the look of a vehicle, adding both style and sophistication. However, this is only the case when the alloy wheels are looking their best. If your wheels are full of scuff marks and scratches, this can actually make your vehicle look worse. Protecting your wheels from this type of damage is important. Here are a couple of tips to get your started.

Invest In Wheel Bands

Consider investing in wheel bands. Wheel bands are generally constructed from a hard, plastic material. Once installed, they rest firmly along the rim lip, creating a buffer between your wheel and the curb. In the event you turn too close or face some other damaging scenario, the wheel band will make contact with the object, not your alloy wheel.

Installing a band is generally better suited for a professional as you will need to completely deflate the tire in order to install it properly. In addition to its safety features, the bands are also available in a range of different colors, which can add a style element to your wheel. It's important to mention that these bands do not make your wheels indestructible. You still need to practice smart driving techniques to keep damage at bay.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Although you might not have considered it before, driving around with a tire that is under-inflated can actually increase the risk of wheel damage. The reason for this is quite simple. The closer a tire is to the ground, the greater the risk of the wheel coming in contact with an obstruction on the road. For an under-inflated tire, even something as seemingly harmless as a speed bump can cause damage to an alloy wheel.

You can negate this risk by making it a point to monitor the tire pressure for your vehicle regularly. If you have a newer vehicle, the hard work is covered since the automatic monitoring system should alert you when tire pressure is low. If not, make sure you are using a pressure gauge to check. This process is especially important if you have low profile tires on your vehicle as they are already lower to the ground because of their design so there is an increased risk.

Your alloy wheels aren't just a style element; they are also an investment. Make sure you are doing your part to protect your investment and keep your wheels looking great.